Bush Tracks


Are you looking for high quality bush trail construction services in Brisbane? Building a bush track is a complex process requiring certain sets of skills and know-how. Here at Brisbane Structural Service, we have years of experience that make us the perfect team for the job. We can help you design and construct trails, whether you need looped, linear or stacked looped trails, our experienced team can build a trail to suit your needs.

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Bush trail construction that caters to your specific needs

With over 20 years of experience in the landscaping business, our team is always dedicated to designing innovative and sustainable trails. Our friendly staff members will take time to fully understand your ideas and expectations. That is how we can guarantee to deliver an end product that suits your needs and budget, a quality that we are known for throughout the Brisbane area.

Prior to commencing the design process our experienced staff members will collect as much information as possible about the land. During this planning process they can identify control points, which are points of interest along the trail that attract visitors, or certain areas that should be avoided. Our specialised builders consider all key aspects when building sustainable trails, such as location, water flow and drainage to create a trail that can be used for many years to come. We are experts at bush trail construction and can do it right the first time around. For you, this means a simple process from start to finish that reaps unparalleled results. For those who will use the track once it is completed, our service ensures that they will experience the best that your land has to offer.

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