• Creek rejuvenation

    We were contracted to co-ordinate the rejuvenation of this creek as it was overgrown with weeds, lack of wildlife and was not flowing freely. The creek was dredged, rocks were individually placed on the banks and river bed and then planted out.


    BEFORE – Creek mitigation works under taken to help with the long term goal of regeneration of native species to our waterways.  We initially started with removing rubbish and many tonnes of silt which had built up in the culverts and creek beds over many years   – Sandy Creek, Enoggera


    AFTER – The creek rejuvenation was completed with the creation of riffles, rock placements and creek bed and bank planting – Sandy Creek, Enoggera


    BEFORE – the 30 tonne excavator removing the rubbish and built up silt in the culverts – Sandy Creek, Enoggera


    AFTER – Plants have now had time to establish themselves and the creek is now a clean and free flowing creek – Sandy Creek, Enoggera


    Small boulder wall built to support new ramp around waterways – Ashgrove Golf Club